1. Education

According to a recent Infosec report, 97% of people could not tell the difference between a phishing email and an authorized email. To combat this, many companies are educating their employees on the importance of cybersecurity. Educational options can look like webinars, engaging training videos and more, and are available at various price points. (Check out CySkills.com if you want to get your own education!)

2. Work From Home Security

An unexpected benefit of the pandemic was the increase in remote work. Since this increased employee satisfaction and safety while decreasing business overhead, many companies plan to continue having their employees work from home, at least part time. While this new system has many benefits, it also comes with increased cybersecurity challenges. Whether phishing, data leakage, poor cloud security, or the increased reliance on IoT devices, hackers will have even more opportunity to breach organization security in 2022. Companies must stay vigilant to keep their data safe, especially with their employees working from afar.

3. Cybersecurity in Healthcare

As the pandemic launched hospitals and medical facilities into a frenzy, the weaknesses in healthcare cybersecurity became evident worldwide. For example, Florida health plan Florida Healthy Kids Corporation (FHKC) reported the largest data breach of 2021, exposing over 3.5 million patient and staff records and costing the company millions. It comes as no surprise that many groups are  overhauling their systems, and healthcare cybersecurity is expected to be a $125 billion business by 2025.

4. Dedicated Cybersecurity Committees

As our world continues to go digital in new and surprising ways, organizations need to show a heightened understanding of the risks, costs and value of cybersecurity and the data being protected. It is expected that by 2025, at least 40% of corporations will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a trained board member.


The General Data Protection Regulation imposes uniform rules for consumer and personal data. While it currently only protects citizens of the European Union, any company providing services or goods to the EU must comply. With organizations tending towards globalization, more and more companies worldwide are restructuring to make sure that they comply with the GDPR.

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